CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

We actively assume
our social responsibility

Every day, all over the world, we endeavour to make people’s living environment more beautiful and worthwhile with our products.

This also results in a commitment towards those who find themselves in less privileged conditions. Not to mention the many who are even destitute and need help.

We have been facing this social responsibility for many years already with serious commitment through financial support for various organisations and initiatives.

In doing so, we consider ourselves a role model that wishes to encourage as many emulators as possible to join in and help. Those who would like to follow this example will find an opportunity to do so here:

    Donation account: IBAN: DE72370205000009709700
    Donation account: IBAN: DE75482501100000009977
    Donation account: IBAN: DE68480501610015368129
  • STIFTUNG SOLIDARITÄT (Bielefeld children’s fund)
    Donation account: IBAN: DE72480501610000079111
  • STRAHLEMAENNCHEN.DE Herzenswünsche für krebskranke Kinder e.V. (Heart’s Desires for Children with Cancer)
    Donation account: IBAN: DE78462516300003000379

In terms of ecological awareness,
we walk the walk.

We live on from producing textiles in many regions across the world and selling them in even more. This demands a high degree of ecological responsibility.

Careful and responsible use of our planet‘s ever dwindling resources is vital, but regrettably not yet established in every company’s psyche.

For us, this includes the use of renewable resources, eco-friendly transport logistics, and an awareness of the maximum recyclability of the products on offer.

We also devote a great deal of attention to the working conditions prevailing at our upstream suppliers in the countries of manufacture, in order to do justice in every case to the principles of fair trade.

Moreoever, our duty of care towards employees and consumers requires that our products guarantee a maximum level of safety and compatibility. We ensure this through regular rigorous testing of our products for REACH Substances of Very High Concern. (For more information: Current REACh list)