We believe in the
power of a vision.

With the highest quality standards and meticulous attention to detail, we design and develop upholstery fabrics for the living area, which we distribute to leading upholstered furniture manufacturers all over Europe.
We plan and purchase production capacity world-wide, mainly in the far East. The selection of production plants is made based on the essential aspects of European and German laws and regulations with regard to the environment, humans and the state of the art.
We have been consistently implementing our vision since early 2000 to this day – a vision that is currently more valid than ever:

“Our aim is to offer different and better cover fabrics for upholstered furniture than all of our competitors that are much more innovative, user-friendlier and of almost obsessive, uncompromising quality!”

“We promise all individuals and companies who work with us or for us absolute honesty and always deal with them on an equal footing”.

We endeavour to achieve a trustful common understanding with all the parties involved. In our view, this includes openness and respect, in addition to integrity, reliability, support and a joint sense of enthusiasm”.

Experience shows again and again during daily business how right, proper and also promising for the future this vision was and is. We continue to work hard and tirelessly towards keeping it that way.

We nevertheless remain aware that we must earn this trust over and over again. Maybe this attitude is one of the reasons why so many customers and suppliers have long enjoyed working with us.