Our upholstery fabric TORO is a further development and the new generation of artificial leather. The new manufacturing process combines an improved
composition and revolutionizes the durability and test results compared to the previous PU artificial leather.
We take nature as an example:
Just like a complete  cowhide, TORO combines the flawless, coarse grain pattern with an unmistakably voluminous feel. In addition, we have taken the dip
dyed leather as an example.
The surface layer, the middle layer and the base material of our artificial leather are all dip dyed.

Our imitation leather article TORO can withstand a 35 day Hydrolysis test in comparision to 21 days as with conventional artificial leather.
In addition, the surface is extremely scratch resistant. This will significantly eliminate the many complaints caused by impact marks, transport scratch damage.
We guarantee „35 days hydrolysis“. In accordance with DIN EN 12280-3.

After more than a decade of collecting test results from laboratory tests, field tests, comparisons and scientific exchanges, 7 days in the hydrolysis test is found
to be equivalent to 1 year in general use.
In the event of damage, the guarantee will be fulfilled at the option of the guarantor by repair or replacement of the
upholstery fabric. These services are neither inhibited or suspended. The guarantee ends 5 years after delivery date.