We make every effort
to preserve values.

We make no compromises in requirements whatsoever in terms of quality of all upholstery fabrics. With a little care, our products guarantee living comfort and joie de vivre for many years. Regular cleaning and care are the indispensable prerequisite for along service life of our upholstery fabrics. Even the most beautiful and finest materials will deteriorate more rapidly than nature intended if not treated properly.

The following basically applies:


By handling your new upholstery fabric with care, you can make a decisive contribution to maintaining its original beauty. Please therefore observe the following recommendations:

  • Avoid exposing your new upholstered furniture to direct sunlight.
  • Preferably do not position your new upholstered furniture directly next to a radiator or fireplace‚Ä®.
  • Avoid contact between rough clothing and your upholstered furniture.
  • Remove unavoidable house dust and minor soiling by vacuuming with very low suction power and by using a soft upholstery nozzle.


Do not use any aggressive cleaning products that may attack your new upholstery fabric. Stains should be dabbed immediately with a cotton cloth and wiped away with a circular motion from outside inwards. Please also test the cleaners on a concealed area beforehand for compatibility.

Stains are best removed using the appropriate cleaning kit for microfibre, woven fabrics and synthetic leather. Do not under any circumstances scrape off dried on stains! Have stubborn stains removed by a specialist.

Absorb spilled fluids immediately using a clean soft cloth.